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Hey welcome! I'm Toxas, and you've found my page of wonderment and goodies! I was born March 21, 1990 and I'm nonbinary, I go by fae/faer pronouns! They sound like fay/fair, and work like she/her when used in a sentence. I'm also aroace with aspec pride, and overall just as queer as at gets.
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My page is finally open! Please use the buttons on the side to navigate to any place you need to go.

- Tox

Hey, I'm Tox, and I'm a queer disabled adult. I don't like to interact with minors so please, if you're under 18, click away now. My content isn't made for you.

Like the header says, I use fae/faer pronouns, used as "fae went to faer party so fae could collect faer gifts." You can also use they/them, if this is difficult to you, although I don't prefer it. I'm lenient when it comes to the neopronouns. I chose these pronouns because the sound of them really resonated with me, and the spelling was nice too.

I have several cats and dogs, I used to own rats and I currently own a mouse. I want to get ferrets in the future too. I've had horses and fish and birds.

I live with a chronic fatigue condition that impacts my daily life and makes it difficult for me to get things done. Please have some patience with me because of this.

- Tox

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